Team Coaching / Eric Wyffels – Medical Director, OLV hospital Aalst

Accreditation: a burden or a blessing?

You can learn how to accredit: guide aspirations

“A healthy team spirit is crucial to successfully accomplishing an accreditation project. To acquire these specific competences, external team coaching can be very useful. Gino Peremans and his team can be considered as references in coaching senior professionals. They turn this skill into art, adding a personal touch.” – Eric Wyffels – Medical director, OLV hospital Aalst

31 December 2017: D-day! Every general, categorial or university hospital in Flanders must be accredited according to established patient safety criteria, and also achieve quality benchmarks for structure, processes and results. The Flemish government has assigned the external accreditation bodies JCI and NIAZ-Qmentum to issue accreditations.

It may seem simple, but obtaining an accreditation has an enormous impact on a hospital. Everyone needs to be inspired towards a common goal: every unit, every doctor and every single hospital employee.

A challenge! The labyrinth of local service agreements, established rules and endless discussions often turns out to be a time and energy consuming obstacle, leaving a sour taste in advance. Not very welcome, if you want to make such a project a success.

Successful accreditation?

Studies show that preparation, clarity and direction are key to a successful accreditation. Those are the elements required to draw everyone into the story. The more people who support the story, the bigger the success will be.

Aspiria coaches

We have more than 20 years of experience in change and transformation. We know all phases to the core and know what to expect.
Higher engagement translates into higher chances of success. Our main focus is making as many people as possible feel involved with the accreditation.
We help and guide the people in charge to accomplish the accreditation of the hospital. Through presentations, brainstorming sessions and meetings we inspire ideas.

Our strong points:

  • Guide thinking processes.
  • Incite people to think creatively about what is important to them … without losing themselves in content, words and complicated legislation.
  • Quickly align different teams: offering clarity and direction in workshops and work groups.

Does the brainwork prove cumbersome for certain units? Extra coaching and support is possible.
Together with you, we work towards a successful accreditation, promoted by all employees and pursued by everyone involved.
Thanks to our experience in coaching hospitals to obtain accreditation, we are able to help and assimilate very fast.