Organizational Performance Diagnosis

Organizational Performance Diagnosis

Similar to the team performance diagnosis but much wider in scope, with an organizational performance diagnosis we examine your entire organization. We screen for:

  • Maturity
  • Culture
  • Unconscious dynamics
  • Explicit leadership
  • Implicit leadership
  • Organizational structure
  • Who takes what place?
  • Responsibilities
  • Emotional undercurrent
  • Communication

This diagnosis provides the CEO and senior executives with a clear image of the organization from a human perspective (which is too often overlooked). Such extra information allows for management to be aligned more strategically with people’s needs. If you nudge people in the right direction, they will more easily embrace the common goal.

An Organizational Performance Diagnosis is ideally combined with a Chief Transformation Officer (CTransO) follow-up program to make sure that the people within the organization are never forgotten.

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