Team Coaching

Collaborate for the future. Share aspirations with others.

“People want to vent: tell someone what happened, what is going on, what bothers them and what excites them. Not because they like to nag or complain, but because the road must be cleared before they can work on the future.”

If employees feel connected, their motivation and productivity are enhanced. A reconnecting session makes employees feel that they are not alone, that they’re part of the bigger whole. That feeling motivates and energizes.

The objective: reframe the past within the team, create community regarding the past and turn the focus to the future.

Our approach is suited for both new and old teams – teams that have just started to work together, or those that have been working together for a long time – with any of these team objectives:

  • be ready for personal development, as people and as colleagues.
  • attach importance to the end goal, but also to the path leading to it.
  • have affinity with their job within a team, and also with the team in itself.
  • want to advance and to hold up a mirror.
  • don’t go for tips and techniques, but dare to learn from experience.

Ideal for organizations suffering team damage following a crisis.

Developing a team coaching program starts with an intake interview to review your situation and identify your goals. Since the program is customized to your needs, pricing information is provided following the initial consultation.

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