Individual Coaching

Pursuing the best in yourself? Discover your own aspirations.

“Coaching is nothing more than expanding consciousness. Changing your boss, partner, organization or colleague is generally impossible. What you can do is to change your own perception.”

Individual coaching means helping people to reflect on their view of the world, themselves and others, on what they feel and just as often don’t feel. We do this in an empathic, and often also a provocative way. We make you reflect, feel, think, make connections, acquire insights, release, live your potential, and also learn how to accept yourself.

These are some of our starting points for individual coaching:

  • People are capable of personal development self-develop, privately as well as professionally.
  • Changing behavior is different from changing yourself. You are who you are, but you can bring out the best in yourself.
  • Pointing the finger at others rarely solves anything. Seeking personal growth does.
  • Dare to advance and hold up a mirror. Life is too short to keep turning in circles.

Individual coaching can be done at your desk, on the work floor or in a private conversation, depending on your needs.

Individual coaching can include leadership coaching or executive coaching.

  • In leadership coaching, we deal with themes directly related to your way of providing leadership.
  • Executive coaching is specifically conceived for higher management profiles.

We foster a straightforward and practical approach at all times. A coaching program does not have to take long. Our main focus is to get you back on track, and offer you a springboard.

Developing an individual coaching program starts with an intake interview to review your situation and identify your goals. Since the program is customized to your needs, pricing information is provided following the initial consultation.

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